Have you ever caught yourself staring out of a window wishing you could fly? Flock can help you get there. Now, thanks to drone video, any pilot can see the world from above, but it’s time to take it one step further. It’s time to share the feeling of flight on a large scale. How? Flock is a mobile community where you can join immersive, 360-degree flight experiences at the touch of a button. You don’t need a drone. But if you have one, we’ll help you share your view with the world.

  • Athens, GA

    Show off your hometown! Whether you're from a flyover state or a big city, help others explore your skyline. Get a taste of a place you've never seen, or fall in love with your place all over again.

  • San Diego, CA

    Bring a little ESPN to that backyard Thanksgiving football game. Relive the highlights whenever you want, and exercise your bragging rights with friends near and far.

  • Cape Town, South Africa

    It's finally time to put the house on the market—potential buyers will love getting a close-up view from the air! Stand out from the competition and give your viewers something they can't wait to show their families.

  • What's



To create a Flock profile all you need to do is: download the Flock app, set up an email and create a password.


On the Flock app you have the option to view drone footage that is both near you and around the globe. You also have the option to follow your favorite drone pilots and see every drone flight they post.


To upload a drone video all you need to do is: take the footage, upload the video in the Flock app, and then click share.

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